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What makes Valbusenda stand out from other wineries in Toro are its facilities. Fitted with the latest technology in equipment and control, the winemaking room and the barrel cellar or bottling room are used to make wines of the highest quality.

We place capital importance on the possibility of choosing the type of tank used to make the wine depending on the quality of each vintage and, therefore, we use the following:

Elaboración en la bodega Valbusenda
  • Ganymede Tanks a new tank system that uses the carbonic gas produced by the fermentation process to make the plunging of the cap more consistent.
  • Barrel-Box (12,000 litres) Combination of stainless steel and French oak for malolactic fermentation in wood with full control over the process.
  • Stainless steel tanks For other processes, we use this type of tank, which control temperatures by means of surface thermal blankets.

The correct ageing of the wine is our second great concern. We have a permanent climate-control system in the barrel cellar so that we can automatically control environmental conditions online to ensure the best temperature and humidity levels for the wine: 80% humidity and a constant temperature of 14°C.

Valbusenda has a cellar with a capacity for 2000 barrels. The wine is aged in 225-litre Bordeaux barrels that have a service life of approximately 4 years. At the present time, we have 626 barrels, including French and American oak, with different levels of toast and from a selection of quality barrel-makers, such as Radoux, Demptos and SeguinMoreau, helping us to produce more complex wine with a distinct character. The time the wine remains in the barrel depends on the type of vine/grape and the wine itself, the tasting and age of the barrels to ensure that each wine varies as little as possible from one year to the next.

The critical bottling stage is guaranteed by an automated high-tech line (internal and external rinsing, vacuum system during filling and minimisation of the quantity of oxygen).

Finally, all our wines are laid in the rack for at least between 6 and 36 months before they reach the market and always under stable conditions of temperature and humidity.

With an average annual production of 200,000 bottles, we market our wines under the brands of Valbusenda (Roble, Crianza, Reserva and Cepas Viejas) and Valbusenda Abios (Verdejo, Rosé and Tinta de Toro), our wines have won national and international awards.

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