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The Valbusenda winery opened in December 2008, in an area of the same name marked by the River Duero and located only a few metres from the riverbank in a place known as Vega de Toro.

The wines made in this zone have a long-standing tradition, and they date back to before the Roman settlements. In the Middle Ages, Toro wine was made by royal privilege and in the 13th century, it was the favourite among the monarchs of Castile. It was also the wine enjoyed on Christopher Columbus's ships on his voyages to America. In the 19th century, large quantities were exported to France to fill the void left by the phylloxera epidemic.

The area of Vega de Toro, which is home to the Valbusenda winery, falls under the Toro Designation of Origin. The designation started to take shape in the 1970s, but it was not constituted until 1987. Only a couple of decades later, the Toro Designation of Origin has become famous in and out of Spain, mainly thanks to the fact that it has adapted to new consumer preferences and applied careful winemaking processes. The result is modern red wines with a balanced smoothness and intense colour, dense, tasty, sober and ideal for long ageing periods. Situated on the banks of the Duero, its peculiarities make it outstanding. The climatic conditions, soils and the Tinta de Toro variety that gives it its identity make it one of the most prestigious winegrowing areas. This is evident in the growing number of wineries that have joined the designation over the years and that currently total 54.
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