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Development of winegrowing and fermentation technologies and their combination to reduce alcohol volume in the wines made at Bodegas Valbusenda. 2013-2015

Bodegas Valbusenda is one of the most recent wineries to be opened in the Toro Designation of Origin. The project is at an early stage and focuses clearly on innovation. It aims to make wines that maintain the basic characteristics of Toro wines (red wines with a balanced smoothness, intense colour, dense, compact, sober and ideal for long ageing periods) but which have lower alcohol volumes to make them more attractive and easy to drink in accordance with the preferences of modern-day consumers.

The main aim of the project is to produce wines under the Toro Designation of origin with low alcoholic content but maintaining the other oenological and organoleptic properties that are typical of the wines made under the Designation of Origin.

The main approach to the problem involves winegrowing
techniques and analyses of how the
activities affect the land. The
approach is completed with
a novel microbiological focus
(autochthonous yeasts)
based on actions
applied to the
fermentation process.
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