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Valbusenda makes wines from grapes grown on 15 ha of the company's own vineyards and on more than 80 ha of controlled vineyards, with the local Tinta de Toro variety as the main feature.

The location of our vineyards (at a height above sea level of more than 700 m), the more than 3000 hours of sunshine a year, the extreme climate (long, cold winters and short, hot summers with big temperature differences between night and day) and the characteristics of the soil make Valbusenda's wines clearly distinct in terms of quality and elegance. Our wines are made under strict control of the grape-ripening process to harmonise alcoholic and phenolic ripening and obtain the best parameters for high-quality wines.

The 15 ha of Valbusenda’s own vineyards are set on three areas of land: Viña Valbusenda, Viña Valdelaoliva & Viña Valdefinjas

Furthermore, Valbusenda controls the winegrowing process on 80 ha of old vineyards with ungrafted vines that produce 3000 kg/ha and have an outstanding terroir. We have looked for light soils that have little organic matter, are sandy and facing west, with a predominance of gravel, sand and shingle. The vineyards are set in nearby villages that fall under the Toro Designation of Origin (Morales de Toro, Pedrosa del Rey, San Román de Hornija, Valdefinjas and Venialbo). Each village has a type of soil with the intrinsic properties and height above sea level that give the wines their own identity.

Controls on the vineyards start in February with the winter pruning. Phytosanitary treatment begins in May, together with the working of the soil and pruning to control the production capacity of the vines and the amount of sunlight that reaches the grapes.

Harvest is manual and performed à la carte, at the best moment for each vineyard and the wines from each plot are made in different tanks.

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